So what’s missing in the modernised, streamlined membership sales process? Receptionist expecting you to greet you by name, check. Sharp and well rehearsed membership advisor prepared to customise your tour based on your telephone needs analysis, check. Gym staff prepared to approach and talk about your goals, check. Gym squeaky clean, unbeatable offer, need I go on? The internal processes have been refined and remodelled so they are so seamless you can hardly say no, right?

But what happens before a prospect walks inside the door? Do you as a Manager have any influence before the prospect walks into your club? First impressions count.

What some managers don’t realise is that the first impression is not when the prospect walks through the door. The process starts when the prospect drives into the club’s grounds. Which sounds familiar to you?

Park car in unmaintained, pot holed car park, walk past bins overflowing with sweat towels, wipes and chlorine tubs, through weed filled approach, across dirty patio strewn with empty lucozade bottles and into the door.
Park car in smooth, well marked car park. Walk through manicured planting, clear and well organised approach, across new, clear decking with outdoor relaxation areas and through the door.
Experience tells me probably the first scenario. No matter how flawless the sales process, the prospect has the first impression of your health club’s external appearance on their mind.

Davis Home & Garden is making a difference to conversion rates by landscaping and maintaining fitness clubs across the country. A 5% increase in sales and a 5% increase in retention due to external works means investment will pay for itself. Contact 07719 124762 for details.